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Azazel and his band, fleeing from the counsel convened by Cebrail, were already exiting the Eternal City moving to the mountains that extended to the south and east.  The green pastures that had previously been here were already starting to brown as a parched land thirsty for live-giving rains.  They were starting to catch up to the rear echelons of the host of people that had decided to follow Morningstar.  Make All Have A Next Life with Us.  Plan A had already been decided as the majority chose to follow the Exalted One anyway.  Now there needed to be a removal of the Exalted One by power and force.

They were being watched though.  Near the borders of the mountains, was Zeniff.  He was there as a spy of the Giant, watching the preparations.  He had a worried look as he saw the numerous hosts fleeing the city, following after the rebellious Morningstar.  Too many people had rebelled.  He couldn't persuade a couple of his friends from staying away from him and now he felt sorrow for it.

"How many of them are there?" asked Luram, Zeniff's associate.

"Many thousands, perhaps millions." responded Zeniff.  "A fairly good percentage has chosen to abandon reason for madness."

"Shall I go back to tell the Giant?"

"Yes, please do."

Luram started to head back towards the distant lights of the Exalted City with its tower and stadium dominating towards the center.


Morningstar looked at his minions that had chosen his plan with attention.  There were many, yes, many, that had chosen the path of Mahan Lu.  Make All Have A Next Life with Us.  Seemed simple enough, to those present.  How there could still be those that would risk their lives and all for nought still surprised him though.

"We are not going to send our entire army to the Exalted One," said Morningstar.  "We can't because our numbers are still smaller.  We will however send infiltrators."


"Yes, Infiltrators.  Those who have had a good relationship with those who had for one reason or another chosen the father.  We don't have to convince too many people.  In fact, if we just convince a third of those who remain there, we will have the majority and we will be able to force Father down from his high horse."

"You are quite the master tactician, Morningstar," said Tlaloc.  "I would say run over them now."

"No, you fool!" said Morningstar.  "If we were to show our force, it would be obvious hundred of miles away...but if we could send just a few people at a time, targeting those who didn't raise their hands but didn't raise their hands with us either, then that would give us the time we need to raise up an army sufficient enough to take down Father."

"Nice," said Chernobog, another person there.  "So we will use them to persuade people to follow our point of view.  Here a little and there a little.  Make them think more about collective fairness."

"That is right, my servant," said Morningstar.  "We'll make you powerful yet."

This was a dastardly plan by Morningstar, though one that would be repeated time and time again in history.  He had learned in the first lessons that the great civilizations did not fall from outward attack from a massive army, but from within.  It was ironic now that he would be the designer that would bring down Father's throne and replace it with what he viewed to be a much fairer arrangement.  It would be repeated time and time again on this earth, especially in the modern days, by sowing damnable heresies and false ideas that became popular with the public and would sow many revolutions.  He was doing that which had been done on many other worlds, giving knowledge as he saw fit to those who would follow him for a mess of pottage...


Istinna-i-Svyet was inconsolable.  She had suffered from the rebellion of Morningstar and was now crying profusely, tears flowing down as rivers from her cheeks.

"Why, Morningstar, Why???"

The Exalted One entered the room and hurried to hug his help-meet.  "This didn't have to happen but it did.  A son is lost, and with him, many children."

The door knocked.  Istinna-i-Svyet went behind her curtains and the Exalted One went to the door.

"Who is it?"

"The Giant," responded the man on the other side of the door.

"Come in."

The Giant walked into the room.  He had a little look of worry on his face.

"What is the matter, Nephi?"

"I just got a report from Zeniff.  There is a concentration of people in an area which everyone on Morningstar's side simply calls "The Lair."  And yet there is no preparation for invasion."

Something didn't seem right, to Nephi.  The Exalted One read his mind.

"You and the other teachers will have to go out again unto the people and protect them, not with the sword, for now, but with pure testimony of My principles."

"Why that?  We can just kick them out right now!"

"We will kick those out who do not repent.  But they are looking for numbers in order to kick US out.  You will need to tell your teachers to watch out for lone emissaries that teach false doctrine.  And you will have to send some of your best souls, also to be watchmen to save those who have gone to the other side, before time runs out."

"I will see what I can do.  Shall I call an emergency meeting?"

"Do so.  But let Cebrail give the last word."

Friday, April 25, 2014



The crowd looked intently.  The Exalted One looked at His two sons that had volunteered to be the Savior, with two diverging plans.  From the vantage point of Markov, Natasha, and Ishbel, near Jacó, there was an anticipation among the crowd.

"I will send the First!" came the voice from the Exalted One.  "The Eternal One, is to be the Savior of Mankind!"

A small cheer started to happen, from Jacó, the Giant, as well as several of the counselors.  It was murmured at first, but now crescendoed into a roar of approval.

"All of those who wish to follow Him, make the appropriate sign, raising your right hand..."

Many people, not all, but a small majority, raised their hands.  Their hands though not all of the populace, seemed bigger.  A very strong sense of peace fell upon Markov, Natasha, and Ishbel, among all of the spirits, that raised their hands.  Yet, there were quite a few people that had not their hands raised.

"How is this possible, Jacó?  After seeing what the Eternal One did?" asked Natasha.

"There are people that will not like the idea of failure," said Jacó.  "But they will themselves have failed." 

The Exalted One spoke again.  "Those of you that are opposed to the Eternal One, you may make that opposition known by raising your right hand."

Incredibly, quite a few people raised their hands, including the same Morningstar.  Tlaloc's, Chernobog's, Molokh's, and Hades' hands were all raised.  So was Balaam, Yezabel, and many other spirits.

The Exalted One stood up, saying, "Exalted One, it appears that there are multiple negative votes, that is to let them know that they may see the Counselor Cebrail, after concluding this meeting."

In a pattern similar to that seen later on, the die had been cast.  But at the same time, many of those that were on the south end of the stadium had been getting more and more uncomfortable.  Even Morningstar, who had moments before stood before the Exalted One, was now running away.  A few however, stayed behind, to talk with Cebrail...


In an area that looked somewhat like a luxury suite without having all the amenities of a luxury suite, Cebrail sat down in his chair, and looked at the two hundred people that had likewise taken their seats inside of the room.  There were a couple of other Counselors there too, Avraam and Iliya, who, like Cebrail, had voted in favor of the Plan of the Exalted One.  Besides them, there were several people sitting both on the left and on the right of the three Counselors.

"Those of you that are here today, you are here because you have chosen to be here.  And hopefully you can understand what is going on here."

"Yes, we understand perfectly," said Azazel, a spirit that had voted against.  "The Exalted One doesn't love us the same.  He would condemn us, and you, to death!"

"That wasn't at all the case.  The Exalted One set his plan apart after thinking for a long time, meditating.  No one is condemned in His plan unless they choose for themselves to be condemned," responded Cebrail.  "Now, the Exalted One's Plan is final.  You may not like it, but the plan is going to stand as it is.  And those who have rejected this plan this day, will never such happiness know.  If you want to recant your opposition, you may now make that known by raising your hand."

There were a couple of spirits here and there that raised their hands, and the response from the vast majority was of anger in the eyes.  How dare that they were condemned, only for wanting a better life for all, they thought.

"Please state your name," said Cebrail to one of the spirits that raised his hand to recant.

"Qabil" responded the spirit.  He was kind of long-faced albeit not as much as the others in the room.

"Do you feel like you have finally seen the light, Qabil?"

"I do feel so," responded Qabil.

Cebrail then pointed at the next person who had raised his hand, "You, what's your name?"

The spirit responded, "Navu."

"Navu, you, like Qabil, feel that you have seen the light?"

"Yes," said Navu.  "I had a dream lately that has kind of convinced me that I should come to this new earth."

Cebrail looked at Avraam and at Iliya.  "Is there no one else?"

"No!" said the leader, Azazel.  "No to salvation for some, salvation for all!"

"You may go then, and wait outside for our counsel," said Cebrail.  "Navu and Qabil, wait for me."

Navu and Qabil waited there for the verdict for them, so it seemed.  The counselors started to murmur between each other plus the other spirits called to be at their side.  Cebrail then told Navu and Qabil, "those that would wish to do you harm, have fled.  You two may exit now."

Navu and Qabil exited through the same door that Azazel and his band had exited two months earlier.  They were nowhere to be seen.  Azazel was seen already fleeing at top speed down below the skybridges that had connected to the stadium, trying to catch up with many of the spirits that had followed Morningstar.

"So your name is Navu then?" asked the long-faced spirit named Qabil.

"Yes," said Navu.  "And you are Qabil then?"


"What made you snap out of it?  The Mahan-Lu plan?"

"I'm dumb but not that dumb," responded Qabil.  "I actually DO support Morningstar to a certain degree.  But it would be more convenient for me to come to the earth with a body.  I am not going to reject that at all."

"Sounds good," responded Navu.  "I had a troubling dream of what was going to happen to me if I continued following Morningstar.  I then had an excellent dream of myself."

"What did you see?"

"Gold," responded Navu.  "Gold like here in these streets down below.  And I owned it.  There were men that I commanded to build up an empire, and they obeyed me.  I am to become a master there and to met out justice unto the wicked."

"Interesting," said Qabil.

A few more minutes have passed, and the two spirits were called back in, to be followed up by those that had rejected their last appeal for recanting the plan of Morningstar.  "You first, Qabil."

Qabil entered into the room.

"We have discussed as Counselors what we are to do with you.  You said that you had supported Morningstar's plan but have seen the light.  Am I accurate?"

"Yes, you are," said Qabil.  "A body is worth more than rebellion."

"Qabil, because you have stated your recantation, you will not be banished from this kingdom.  However we will keep our eyes on you not only here but in the earth as well.  You are going to, as well as others, have tests in the next life.  Pass them and you will be blessed.  Fail them, and you might fall victim to the plans of Morningstar."

"That will never happen!"  responded Qabil.

"You have been warned as others have been," said Cebrail.  "You are dismissed.  Send your friend Navu in on the way out."

Qabil nearly jumped for joy.  He had a new shot at mercy.  Then entered Navu just as Qabil was leaving.

"Navu," said Cebrail.  "The Council has determined that you recanting, has been done with full sincerity.  What was the nature of the dream that you had?"

"My dream was this:  I saw myself drifting away into oblivion.  Though there were others with me, trying to get to Morningstar, we could never get there, and Morningstar ruled over us with an iron fist.  Then I saw myself on the new world.  I had gold, similar to the gold here.  There were people that were under my command, and they built up a nation to my name."

"In the next life, you will have the privilege of being an important leader, one that will mete out justice.  You must remember however that in the next life no amount of gold will get you back here.  Nor will the heads of your enemies.  You are to be a leader of justice.  The moment you stop doing that, will be the moment you lose your privileges."

"I won't let you down."

"Let's hope not," said Cebrail.  "Now, where is Azazel?"

"Fleeing, along with the others.  Cowards."

"And for that reason, cowardice, they will never gain progression into the next life, not to mention the hereafter.  They have lost their estate."

The decisions had been cast.  Destiny, for good, or bad, had been reached.  The First Estate had been given.  Most chose to keep it.  Some had chosen to reject it.

Those that had rejected it, were fleeing to the south, away from the Eternal City.  Morningstar was first.  The counselors that had followed him, a hundred yards behind, trying to catch up to his blistering pace.  Others still, lagging further behind but no longer comfortable in the Eternal City...

"Get the shields and swords ready," said Cebrail to his counselors.

"But sir, we have just seen them leave," said Iliya.

"They'll be back.  And get the Giant's best teachers here now, those that are still with us."

The decisions had been made.  The war was about to begin.

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Chapter 9: The Chosen One

The Chosen One

 But, behold, my Beloved Son, which was my Beloved and Chosen from the beginning, said unto me—Father, thy will be done, and the glory be thine forever. MOSES 4:2

As Morningstar, quite proud of himself for his efforts, sat down, another One rose up, the Spirit Son that everyone called the Eternal One, first son of the Exalted One and his mother, Istinna-i-Svyet.

The Eternal One motioned with his arms for everyone to calm down.  There were lots of emotions going through his head, especially how his younger brother had become the Traitor, the Deceived, as well as the Deceiver.  It was quite interesting how charismatic that his younger brother had grown up to be.  Charisma was not a very strong suit of the Eternal One, however, his voice still was one of authority even though it was much more soft-spoken than Morningstar.  Svya-Dukh, another younger brother of his, had shown him how to speak softly and yet command many people.  So he would work, among the children of men, not in a voice of thundering, save it were through nature, but a still, soft, yet penetrating voice.

It was with that voice, that the Eternal One presented Himself to the multitudes of people outside.

“I want to welcome everybody here to this event!  You have heard my Father speak of His plan, and now you have heard my younger brother speak of his alternative plan.  Both looked rather dazzling, did they?”

The crowd cheered in unison, the last time that would happen.  The Eternal One continued:

“You have all been taught on how Father has gained His knowledge.  Millions and millions of years ago, he was just like you, or you, or you,” said the Eternal One, pointing at several faces in the crowd, Teancum with the Giant, Markov with Natasha and Ishbel, Gabriel with his bands, even towards Chernobog which still had his red book given him by Morningstar in his hands.  The voice was one of understanding, and not accusatory. 

“Long ago, Father was like each and every one of you here, living on a world very much patterned like the one that has been shown in the projections.  Projector on!”

The projector activated again, showing a much younger Father walking on another verdant planet, moving through a type of star-gate before arriving at his home as a baby.

“He grew up and progressed in that life.  He found a beautiful woman,” He said, as a picture of the much younger Mother was shown in a white gown with a veil. “They also had children,” pointing to many babies.
Morningstar recognized himself, along with the Eternal One, along with Svya-dukh.  He almost laughed with tenderness.  Almost.

"There were times when they suffered, but there were times of happiness.  They chose their lives correctly, and they ended up with all the power as they have today.  They built this world.  They will build the world that is awaiting you right now.  You will have to see what you would do OUTSIDE of Father's presence, in order to learn discipline, to learn obedience, to learn how to discern truth from falsehood.  That is exactly what Father did, and that is exactly what you will need to do in order to come back here with His power."

Morningstar gave a look at the Eternal One.  How could he be so blind?  Could he not fathom the greatness of his plan?  Could he not fathom that in his plan everyone would be back without so much a care in the world?

Sensing him almost immediately, the Eternal One looked at Morningstar in the eye, and said, "I understand you, brother.  I understand that you want to do something else, because you don't want to lose a single person.  Am I right?"

Morningstar took the bait.  "Yes, you are right."

The Eternal One then said, continuing in his soft voice, "Everyone, what Morningstar wants in theory is good.  However, his plan is flawed."

"How so?"

"Instead of saving everyone, there would be only one person in your plan with all the power of the Exalted One.  You.  Everyone else would be locked in a lower state."

"That's not true!"

"It actually is, brother." responded the Exalted One.  "Run Morningstar's Cubes again."

The projector went back to the scene of men and women living in gigantic cube-like structures on the earth.  "Looks beautiful, doesn't it?  Glistening white cubes nearly floating above a emerald-like Earth with fountains of water.  And yet, look at those within the cubes."

The projector once again played the scenes of the people inside the cubes.  No one exited the cubes, ever.  It wasn't that they didn't have a choice, they had the choice, but the things that were provided for within the cube were such that the people had no desire to leave.  No one was crying, but no one was happy either.  The furniture within was so comfortable as if to literally hug its occupants tightly so as not to leave them, because they would have their comfort ended if they were to leave.

"Contrast that with Father."  The projector showed happy and sad times for Father, and Mother.  He then saw Himself, Morningstar and Svya-Dukh playing around, exploring, scraping a leg with a fall from a tree, feeling the warm summer breezes on their faces, tasting different types of food, growing up in a family.  The three brothers embraced in love in the projector.  He then zoomed in on Morningstar, while asking Morningstar, "Honestly, brother, would you deny your fellow spirits the same experiences that we had?"

Morningstar looked at the projection, and then said, "My plan removes the scrapes, removes the bitter, removes the biting cold and oppressive heat.  I don't want our little brothers and sisters to suffer as we have suffered."

The Eternal One responded, "and yet, thanks to our suffering, we could see what happiness is.  Thanks to sadness, we can truly see what happiness is.  Thanks to these bad things, there can also be good things.  Opposition.  It will be necessary for our progression."

"Won't people inevitably choose bad things and suffer?" asked Morningstar.

"Unfortunately, yes," said the Eternal One.  "For that reason there needs to be One who will go down and save the people from their bad choices."

"Yes," said Morningstar.  "And in my Plan, I am Savior from the beginning, so that these little ones won't have to suffer, and will return to this place, every last one."

"You still don't understand that we all need to progress.  And in order to progress, we need to taste the sweet AND the bitter.  Feel the bad AND the good.  Feel pain AND feel pleasure.  This requires choices."

The Eternal One then turned back to the crowd.  "Choices.  The hallmark of Father's plan.  Coersion.  The hallmark of Morningstar's plan.  How many of you have left the Academy, how many of you have left the city?"

Almost everybody's hands went up.

"You see?  The mind of a God, whether fully realized like our Father, or whether just beginning, like all of you and I, is an exploratory mind.  Let's say we accepted Morningstar's plan for a while.  Beautiful cubes, really, beautiful, on a perfectly green earth.  But NO ONE LEAVES THE CUBES.  This will not survive given that the mind of a God or a God in embryonic form, will push the person to explore.  It will push the person to make choices, take risks so to say.  And when the person makes good decisions, he can progress closer to what the Exalted One is.  When he makes bad choices, he will need to see the light in one way or another.
"So while the cubes are beautiful, while everyone inside doesn't look sad and are getting fat on everything that is just given to them, you have one, that due to his deluded idea that he has saved everybody, has permanently formed an underclass, to be ruled by him alone.  That is not freedom.  That is not choice.  That is slavery and totalitarianism."

Chernobog and Tlaloc started getting antsy.  Morningstar became redder and redder with rage when he saw his plan being deconstructed.  He grew angrier still that the Eternal One had never raised his voice in rage or anger against him.  Many people that had the red books were starting to get uncomfortable.

"So right now all of us have a choice:  To deny choice to everybody, 'saving everyone' in a lower sphere, subservient to one person who acts as a God, or to accept choice, taking risks, while not saving every last soul, there will be many more people like the Exalted One in the future."

There started to be an uproar especially in the southern part of the stadium where many of the disciples of the counselors such as Hades and Molokh, that liked Morningstar's plan better.  On the other side though, there were many that appreciated more the Eternal One's explanation of the Exalted One's Plan.

"This is all for now," said the Eternal One.  He went back to his seat deferring to the Exalted One, who then stood up.

"Who of these choice spirits shall be your Savior?  Are there any volunteers?"

The Eternal One and Morningstar stood back up, and both kneeled in the presence of the Exalted One, Morningstar on the left, the Eternal One on the right.

The Eternal One spoke first.  "Here am I, send Me."

Then Morningstar spoke.  "Here am I, send me."

The Exalted One thought for a moment, staring in the eyes of His children.  This would be the last time he would see all of them again, given that He knew that there would be many that would choose Morningstar.  He then looked down at the Eternal One, glowing with glory, compared to Morningstar, who had been glowing but now looked older and haggard.

"I will send the First," said the Exalted One.  "The Eternal One, is to be the Savior of Mankind.  All of you who wish to follow Him, make the appropriate sign..."

Thursday, March 27, 2014


The Pretender

Behold, here am I, send me, I will be thy son, and I will redeem all mankind, that one soul shall not be lost, and surely I will do it; wherefore give me thine honor. (Satan--trying to rebel against the plan of God, Moses 4:1b)

The first to speak was the one who would deny all choice.  Even so many people were unaware of his plan...but there was One who was watching over every move, unbeknowingest to many millions of spirit-children.

"My fellow spirits," cried out Morningstar.  "We are here, gathered here, to hear of the marvelous plan which our Father has crafted for us.  Yes.  That plan is marvelous indeed."

With the last marvelous, it came out sarcastically, evilly, contrasting itself with the first marvelous, which seemed sincere.  In the distance, Morningstar spied Chernobog and Tlaloc slowly revealing their red books.  Morningstar motioned to them as if to say, "patience, not yet."

"Lots of things will be said, but one thing that will not be said is that not everyone is coming back here, if we go with Father's Plan."

A very audible gasp came out of the audience.  The lights dimmed in a quite numerous host of spirits.

"Yes, that's right!" Morningstar said charismatically.  "How can our Father say he love us and then allow some of us to be lost?  Is that fair?"

A cry of "NO!" came from both Chernobog and Tlaloc, with many of their students.  Other scattered Nos came into play as well.

"No, that isn't fair.  And while Father thinks that that is the only way, I propose a BETTER WAY!"  Morningstar brought out his red book entitled MAHAN-LU, as did Chernobog and Tlaloc, and many of their students.  A small sea of red had developed at the south end of the stadium, with the red booklets held high up in the air to many cheers.  "In My way, Mahan-Lu, EVERYBODY, EVERY LAST PERSON, WILL BE BACK HERE!  Not like in Father's plan, I propose love to everybody!"

The crowd started to cheer more loudly for Morningstar, even a few of the people that had not heard of this plan before.

"In my plan, not one soul shall be lost!  There are rules that cannot be broken!  Everyone is EQUAL in my eyes.  In my plan there will be one hundred percent FAIRNESS and EQUALITY FOR ALL, EQUALITY so that EVERYONE can come back here.  Don't be haters, because if you follow Father's plan, you will see that you hate some while you love others.  Is that what you want?"

Another loud NO came from the southern side of the stadium plus some cries from the northern, western, and eastern ends.

"Because if you do not accept my Plan today, you will be hated, not loved.  Some of you will not come back here, you, and you, and you!" Morningstar said, pointing straightway at Markov and Natasha.

Both of them gasped.

"This is what awaits you, if you accept Father's Plan," Morningstar showed items on the projector, tanks firing their weapons, bombs going off, and violence in all parts of the earth.  Bodies were flying as different types of arms were used, from swords and spears, to bullets and missiles.  "This will be the results, if Father's Plan is used, because many will choose bad things to do.  While it is possible that the majority will choose good, you only need one influential person choose to do bad, cause millions to follow him, and this is the invariable result:  Destruction.  Do you want that?"

More cries of NO came from the audience.

"Wait, it gets better!" said Morningstar.  "Look, where there is no war, there is inequality everywhere.  How will people become rich and famous while the vast majority are poor?  Why do you have to suffer like these people?"  Morningstar showed films of people in the desert dying of hunger juxtaposed with people swimming in a sea of gold coins.  "If we are all equal in Father's Eyes, how can he permit this, as this plan will allow this?"

The crowd gasped again, looking at all the pictures.

Morningstar then went on, showing more pictures on the projector.  "Look at this:  In fact the world will become so wicked, that Father will then be obligated to destroy the world, twice."  First of all, the pictures of war and violence with sword and spear happened, followed by gushing water from above and below, drowning everyone.  Then, in a much more modern concept, a similar war was being fought with guns, missiles, tanks, and planes, and the entire world was covered in flames.

"What would that make our loving Father?" asked Morningstar.

"On budet Ubiytsei!" shouted Molokh.  "A cold-blooded murderer!"

"That's right, my servant," said Morningstar.  "A cold-blooded murderer!  Why would our Father condescend to murder His own children?"

"Psychopath!"  cried out Tlaloc.

"Traitor!" called out Chernobog.  "You used us for your own gain!"
"Calm down, my servants," cried out Morningstar.  "We really mustn't be too harsh against our Father.  He is our Father, after all," he said.  "Father came from a place where my plan wasn't even thought of.  This is new and exciting, and my plan will be better than Father's Plan."  Morningstar then used the projector to show some things from his view of the world.

"Under my plan, there will be no wars, no poverty, no destructions.  Just perfect organization."  Videos were shown of perfectly organized cities, set up in cubic formations so as to guarantee that each person had his own area.  Everything appeared to be the same, and everyone appeared satisfied.  That caused some awe in the people.  But there was a catch.

No one could ever leave the cubes.  But the people were satisfied as stuff magically appeared in front of them, and no one suffered from hunger.  No one suffered from want.  No one tried to get higher than the others.  Everyone seemed happy, as there was no sadness.

There were no wars, but there was also not a lot of interaction.  There were no people hungry, but not everyone was full.  There was no poverty, but no one was truly rich.  And no exploration was done as no one left the cubes, apparently satisfied with what they had.

"I don't like this one bit," said Markov.
"But at least there is no war nor hunger," said Natasha.
"Yes, but don't you see, Nata?  I don't see you next to me.  I don't see Ishbel either.  Is that not what we saw when we were with Jacó?"
"You're right.  Something is wrong here." said Natasha.  "Everything looks too uniform, as if trying to copy this place but not getting anywhere."

A few others were seeing this as well, and the Exalted One too.  There was no way this plan could ever work out as conceived by Morningstar.  Nothing magically appears.  No one could kill the spirit of exploration in the race of the Gods, even in the embryonic stage as humans.  Yet Morningstar continued...

"Because of this plan, which is superior to that of our Father, I will ask this of my Father, who some unwisely called a murderer:  Give my thy glory.  Give me thy glory, because with this plan, not a single soul shall be lost, and with what you told us, there will be many souls lost."

The crowd looked in anticipation at Morningstar, who was looking at the Exalted One.

"I will redeem all mankind," said Morningstar, letting out his hand to shake with the Exalted One's, as if asking for an agreement."

The Exalted One responded.  "You have heard the plan of Morningstar!" he shouted out in a booming voice, a voice of authority.  "Hear what My Beloved Son has to say now!"  He for now rejected Morningstar's hand.

Morningstar sat back, as the Choice Spirit, The Eternal One, came forward.  The pretender now took the seat, while the Chosen One rose up...

Friday, February 28, 2014


"For behold, this is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.  (Moses 1:39 Pearl of Great Price)

Bells and sirens were going off, though as yet, not in the case of the bells and sirens that warned of impending disasters, but of melodious tones from Istinna-i-Svyet, that summoned all of the spirit children to the Stadium that was near the Academy.  Bells, stringed instruments were heard along with the voice that unlike the Sirens, was beautiful and lead to a beautiful place.

Natasha was walking alongside Markov in one sector of the city, preparing to enter into the stadium from the southeast.  They saw many of the spirit-children using both the ground and the numerous sky-bridges in order to arrive at the stadium.  Untold millions were being seen, all heading in the direction of the stadium.

Inside, the Counselors, the Exalted One, the Eternal One, Istinna-i-Svyet, Svya-Dukh, as well as many of the Noble and Great were already in the center, sitting on what appeared to be a circular rostrum in the middle of the stadium.  From their vantage point, one could see all around the stadium, and there wasn't a part of the rostrum that would not be visible to anyone in the audience.  Everyone had an unobstructed view.  But for those that were a little distant, a huge screen representing a gigantic JumboTron was seen above the stadium for those in the upper decks of the stadium.

And even on some of the seats that were a little closer to the Exalted One, but far enough away where they would not be able to see properly, smaller screens similar to I-Pads were placed within the seats of those in front, which zoomed in on the rostrum.

Everyone would see this plan.

Everyone would make a decision that would determine their destiny.

There were no outs, no ways not to be seen by the Exalted One and his Counselors.

Decisions had to be made, and right then.

Through the lower southeastern gate walked Natasha and Markov, where a smiling Ishbel was waiting for them.

"Hurry up or our seats are going to be taken.  You don't want to be up in the nosebleeds, do you?"
"No, Ishbel," said Markov.  "Let's go."

They hurried through their gate where Jacó was waiting along with many integrants of his class.  The Giant was also visible just behind Jacob, fortunately.  The rostrum was towering from this area, seeming to go up forever to the screens above.  But the Counselors and the Exalted One were seeing everything from their position in the center of the rostrum.

The voices of millions of people, though they were whisperings, were still quite loud.  And though many of the children didn't know many of them, there was One that knew them all, that had called them by different names, and was always watchful over them.

Down below, they saw Avraam directly in front of them.  Off to the side, Hades was seen, and Tlaloc and Chernobog were visible too.

"Interesting," said Markov.  "Everybody is being lined up according to their teachers and Counselors who oversaw the teachers,"

"Yes, Markov," said Jacó.  "In that way, everyone is better organized."  Jacó saw a few of his friends.  Isaac was near the top of the stadium, Yussef was right below him, and Zechariah was a little further down than Isaac.

Then he grabbed a look at those next to him on the right.  Hades, Chernobog, Tláloc, Zeus, among others.  He had heard though of a betrayal among them, and up to this point he felt like they were the only ones.  Little did he know that there had been an operation, and the operation had uncovered the true source of the conspiracy.

The stadium by now was almost completely full.  What were rivers of traffic entering in through the gates had trickled down to streams and then creeks, and down to faucet strength.

"Close the doors!" said the Exalted One.

The mighty doors of the stadium started to close, starting with the ones down below and working their way up to the top.  They were thick doors, five meters across at least, which slowly but surely lumbered their way shut.  Everyone had entered the Stadium.


The lights started to dim a little, gradually, though not to pitch black.  The people could still see each other on the other side of the stadium.  But it was necessary, so everyone could see what was about to transpire.

The Exalted One picked up a three dimensional projector, bigger than the one Jacó had used with Markov and Natasha.  One big enough to cover the entire empty area of the stadium with its projection.  He floated it up until it was around 100 meters above the rostrum, and then turned it on.

An image of a new world was shown.  Pristine blue waters interconnected with white ice caps at the poles and verdant continents.  No deserts were seen, nor wastelands.  The people gasped at the awesome beauty of the Eternal One.  Istinna-i-Svyet had taught him well, as well as the Exalted One.

"This is the world where you are to go to.  Not very different from this one," said the Exalted One.  "Albeit, it will be up to you to make sure that you take good care of this world."

Time passed, and the earth started to have deserts and wastelands on part of the surface.  What happened? thought Markov.  Has there been a lot of pain, a lot of bad behavior?

"In this world, you will have many choices to make.  There will be other choices, other decisions to make that might appear very good, but you will need to select the best decisions.  For that reason, Svya Dukh will help you as He will always be by your side, when you do well.  But nobody here is perfect.  Every now and then you have done some things that brought upon you temporary shame."

There was a little murmuring in the crowd.  What did the Exalted One mean, when you do well?  What did he mean by, nobody is perfect?  Chernobog sensed a weakness and started to move towards the Exalted One, where he received something like a text message that said, "Wait, MS".

"Even though once in a while you might make a mistake, you are to use those mistakes as an impetus to do better in My eyes.  You are also to learn from your fellow companions, not to follow their mistakes, but to follow their examples when they do well.  Above all, I will send to you the Exemplar, who will not only be the perfect example to follow, but will take upon Himself the mistakes which you do, so that all of you might have the chance to come back to me without imperfections."

"How will we be able to discern truth from error, when we are down there?" asked Iliya.

"As I said earlier, you will have Svya' Dukh with you.  He will give you warnings as well as counsel. But he is a little weak at speaking.  You will need to be able to focus in order to hear Him correctly.  In addition, I will send messengers, some of you that are here, in order to cause the people to come back to Me when they commit wrongdoing in my sight.  I will cause their teachings to be written and to be shared with their descendants.  There will be multiple ways of knowing what is correct to do." said the Exalted One.

Morningstar stared at the Exalted One intently as well as the Eternal One, his brother.  It was clear to him that Mahan-Lu was the better option.  Too much risk.  Not a very big reward, at least not for many spirits.

"The Exemplar will come among them too, and will with His soul, be a rescue unto many.  But I need One.  Who do I send?"

The Counselors looked at each other.  Chernobog all of a sudden felt uncomfortable, as did Tlaloc and Hades.  Iliya and Avraam also looked a little awkward though not as much as the former spirits.  Among them, two spirits came forward, not feeling awkwardness within them, as they felt that they had earned their position.

But the truth of the matter was, only One had truly earned the position of Exemplar.  The other one was a pretender, not with the best interests in his sights, but his own personal agenda.  Both positions had to be heard.  One choice had to be given.  One that would seek the glory of all the people and humbly leave it with the Exalted One.  The other that would seek only his own glory, disguising that truth with the lie that no risks were needed.

D-Day had arrived.